i was with anthony fantano in our school but it looked a bit different and we were on the roof and there was some math competition going on ? like maso but only for ppl from our school ??? and we were just watching them submit their tasks n stuff and the girl that was collecting the tasks from them was like "did u have lunch already?" at us and im like uhh i dont think so ? ?? and anthony is like yea were going to the cinema (wink) and im like ????? huh ?????? and hes like "yea the most famous animated movie of all time is in the cinema in like 10 minutes and so many of my friends will be there so we can go there !" and idk why he counted me too cause like why tf would i want to go see the most famous animated movie with anthony fantano i have no clue ??? but im like Ight but the girl says that we Have to have lunch or otherwise they wont let us exit the building ,??????? so were like Hm were gona b late Hm but we go for lunch and then we try to exit the school building but its like a labyrinth (even more than irl) its so weird like we keep going downstairs but theres always something there it was Terrifying like we couldnt get out ?? and hes like UGH WERE DEF GONNA BE LATE :/ and then were like . i guess its sth magical cause like we physically cant get out so ig were gonna have to stay here :/ and the movie already started and i go on my phone and see some post in a fantano subreddit that has 44 members in it ? and the post is like "this is anthonys girlfriend" and theres a photo of me and him at school trying to find a way out ?"/ and ppl r commenting like "oh so thats why hes not in the cinema hes hanging out w his gf ahhh makes sense!!" and im like HUH????????????????????????????????? so i comment sth like "wtf thats me in the pic im not his gf also pls help us find a way out from this building" and then i wake up but it was terrifying like imagine an infinite school