it was abt the supertall baron guy from the painting and we were as a class at school in germany (?) and it looked like a minecraft house merged with vila tugendhat it was rly weird but i hung out w the guy and he was SO CONFUSED cause u know, hes from the 19th century, and i kept calling him schwiter which is his last name and idk why i did that (probably cause i dont remember his first name) but he got kinda mad at me for doing that and said hes going to get lunch so im like good luck lol,,,, and he went to the cafeteria and it looked just like our schools cafeteria and there were students n stuff and some of them were from our school but some were german and they were giving us the MEANEST LOOKS EVER like they were scoffing at us and pointing at us and were like "ugh why are they even here" which . fair enough we also do that when french ppl are at our school (and also the guy had a 19th century outfit the one he had in the painting so probably they were like ???) but i remember i felt so bad and he was like ugh fuck this!!! and just SMASHED THE TRAY ON THE GROUND AND RAN OFF IT WAS SO SCARY I WAS LIKE UHHHHHH I DO NOT BELONG TO HIM :) GUTEN TAG MEINE DEUTSCHE FREUNDE :) and then i remember we were sitting on the edge of some pavement and there were so many ants it was so fucking horrifying i hated this dream SO MUCH