we were at this park thats like 1 minute from my house- my parents, brother and rowland s howard (?:"!('!_:? I CANT HELP IT) and it was winter but we were dressed like in april or sth like i remember rowland just had a flannel ? but there was SO MUCH SNOW EVERYWHERE it was insane like there were PILES of snow and there were also some kids that i apparently knew??? so i talked to them and when i was talking to them rowland cause hes mean decided to come behind me and fuckign smash the back of my head with a Huge snowball and im like HOLY SHIT SIR THIS IS WAR and the kids r like HELL YEA GET HIM!!!! so i collect some snow and then want to throw it at him but hes not there anymore so im like ugh lil bitch ran off !! so i go find him but theres so many people everywhere its literally like a crowd suddenly appeared?? and it was so scary like i couldnt find him anywhere but i found my family and im like uhh i need to find rowland where is he?? and theyre like idk so i go like upwards from the park to the bus stop thats there but theres no bus stop theres a campsite???? like it looks exactly the same as when i was at camp and for some reason i go into one cottage and then im like wait holy shit im lost!!! and im still in the cottage and i meet classmates IK and M(?)?? and theyre like come with us we know what you need!! and im like oh? so i go w them and we go underground to like the -5th floor?? and theres a super tiny cottage kitchen but also it has beds?? like everyone always says ha ha in the old times they lived all in one tiny room! thats what it looked like but it rly was super tiny and IK is like lets all sleep here! :) and im like uhhh but i need to find rowland?? but we go to sleep and then i wake up and look at my phone and i have like 6 sms from my friend LP that r like "i have it" "come 2pm" "*train emoji* come" "ok" "are you coming" "ok??" and im like HOLY SHIT U HAVE IT?? (what do u even have ?? rowland ????) and then i look at the time and its 1:58pm!!!!!!!!!! so i RUN the 5 flights of stairs and then i go out of the chatka and theres some camp ppl lining up and im like GET OUT MY WAY!!!!!!! and theyre like um that isnt very camp spirit of you? go in the line! and im like NO OMFG I AM IN A HURRY and i jus run towards this rail thats just ?? in the middle of the camp ?????? and LP is there and we run to each other like YESSSS WERE MEETING!!! and im like,, so like what do u have . and idk what LP said to me cause i woke up but i feel like she bamboozled me somehow