we were on a boat my friends: LP, IK, AD (not rly my friend but hes a guy from our school who graduated in 2019), some girl who knew AD, my parents and me and i was sitting on the total EDGE of the boat like RIGHT AT THE FRONT and im like ok guys can someone change spots w me please im scared ill fall into the water or sth hehe help pls and my dads like ok whatever so he went there and immediately as he sat down the boat fucking SANK and everyones like !!!!! and AD is like I WILL STAY HERE AND TAKE CARE OF OUR STUFF (???) and everyones like WTF SIR YOU WILL DIE. and idk what happened to him but then i had a second dream that i was with rowland s howard and his friends (???) but we were all friends with each other and we were on some huge bus road trip like and we needed to cross borders but they didnt let us take our stuff across the borders they said we have to leave everything in the bus and then pick it up after they check our passports n stuff so i (dumb) left everything in the bus and just went there , , , ,,,, , and the building looked like the inside part of a train station but like completely empty ?? like there wasnt anything except for the checking ppl behind the glass n stuff . and so we went and rowland went before me and he took out his passport and id from the inner chest pocket of his blazer ? u know what i mean . and im lke. wait holy shit wait holy shit i dont have anything i left all of it in the fuckign BUS and rowland looks at me like UR SO DUMB JESUS CHRIST LMAOOO and im like SIR TF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO I CANT GO BACK THERE (?) and then rowland fucking FAINTS????????????????? and im like WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK ?"(/"?"!!"? and all the employees r like hm i dont care and everyone else is like UM???? HOSPITAL??????? but turns out theres no signal on the borders ??? so theyre like ok lets get him on the bus and just drive back fuck borders were going.home so we go and then im in the bus and i have like a rowland doll ???? like actual rowland isnt there but i have like a voodoo doll of him i guess ?? like it looks like hes sleeping and theres blood on his hair from when he hit his head on the floor when he fainted ???? and it looks so realistic like its just a tiny rowland in my hands . and it was SO FUNNY but i was SO SCARED cause U KNOW, , . ,-.IS HE GONA DIE, ., ..??? and then i woke up but i rly want to know how that ended