the whole class (?) was on a ship going somewhere and young miro zbirka was also there????? and i was hanging out with him in the evening and then he did some rly weird shit like he wanted to do sth sexual to me but im not sure what and im like UMMM NO ???? TF ?????? and i ran away to the part w the cabins and i wanted to talk to someone but i had a cabin just for myself no idea why so i jus chilled there a bit but then i felt rly lonely so i went to my friends cabin and there were friends LP, SK and IK doing like?? throuple yoga???? and it was so weird im like ummmmm sorry for interrupting uhhhh so im guessing u Dont want to talk to me rn ? and LP is like NO!! GET OUT!!! and im like . ok :( so i go back to my cabin and apparently the boys r having a party cause i can hear them and stuff and i wanna go there but the door to their cabin is locked ??? so im like :/ guess imma be alone if i dont want to hang out with weird ass creepy version of miro zbirka ????? and i contemplated going back to him and i think at one point i regretted not staying there w him????

then i had a second dream where i was in some kind of child group (it if it was class or scouts or a camp no idea) and i was the oldest there so everyone kinda looked up to me and saw me as the Tough Smart Adult of the group n stuff and our supervisor(?) was cca 60s pete seeger and i liked him a lot we rly Clicked u know he rly was like my dad and he wrote me a letter and said that i cant open it unless he dies??? so im like . sure sir . and then he FUCKING DIED and im like HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY SHIT and were at selepka w the kids but its old selepka (there used to be completely different old metal stuff on it n they rebuilt it completely in 2010 i think) and im on this one metal tube construction thing like 5m in the air (wow i miss when i was 4 and not scared of heights or going outside) and reading the letter and i have no idea what was in it but i was so fucking sad and jus !!!! and i had to wake up