i was at colours of ostrava and fontaines dc were there so i was there early to get barricade and there was literally like 20 people (cause it was early) but some random dude came and was like OK WE CAN START ;) and everyones like ????? its literally like 3pm and nobodys here but ok ????? but they came on stage and they had like really cheap stereotypical bright red mexican outfits?????? and sombreros and maracas and stuff we were SO CONFUSED but they started singing in spanish and we were like ok maybe its a joke or sth??? but they were singing in spanish for like half an hour and it was SO BORING i wanted to die like what the fuck is this!!! i dont even think those were their songs it literally sounded like the jojo sucht das gluck theme song ?? and then the show ended and everyone was like ??? :/ ??? but i stayed cause u know,, i wanna meet them n stuff , , , and for some reason i had my pc open and THERE WAS SOME GEOGRAPHY TEST ON IT with super weird like mathey questions????????? like there was "what is the total area of the european union if you know x y and z?" questions and it was SO WEIRD and grian the main guy came to me in a normal blue office shirt (thank god) and was like hi :) and im like hiiiiiiiii great set guyssssss rly enjoyed ittttt!!! and he was like ok thanks whatever and started doing the geography test??? he was like hmmm what IS the total area of the eu hmmm and im like... sir.. sir ple.. sir please why r u . why r u??? sir ??? i , , ,mr chatten i . welp .. cause he wouldnt talk to me at all he was completely focused on the test and i had no idea what to do cause like thats my pc sir! also the test has like 100 questions will we be here til midnight? i have to go home sir i get that ur unemployed and high probably but!!!! so i gave in and said "ok im gonna take a photo of you counting the math problems lmaooooo" and hes like "no omg !!!! lets take a selfie instead!!!!!!" and im like nooooo bahahahah u got urself into this ha ha now everyone online will know you can do MATH ha ha ha and then i woke up it was so weird and so awkward i hate him