leonard cohen was in a band called Policj and it was 1959 and im like omfg change the name!!! acab leo acab!!! and hes like hm well i dont rly make the rules thats our managers job :/ so i go to the manager and he has HUGO BOSS on his door so im like ??? but i go in and its . its fuckignm OUR LITERATURE TEACHER!:_!'"p/(!_: and im like SIR WTF??? R U LEONARD COHENS MANAGER AND ALSO HUGO BOSS????? and he looks so annoyed like ugh what do u want girl >:( and i get kinda scared so im like uhh well u know how his band is called policj? yea well whats it suposed to mean? and teachers like WDYM WHATS IT SUPPOSED TO MENA,? YOURE SO DUMB OH MY GOD ???? CAN YOU NOT READ????? JESUS CHRIST!!!! and im like wtf dont yell at me i just asked sir! is it supposed to mean the police ?? and he gets SO MAD and hes like GET OUT!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! and i run out and then wake up cause HELP