i was babysitting and classmates AK and AB were also there ?? but i was showing the girl i was babysitting something on the pc and she clicked on some folder and it was just like ?? complicated developer files like there were images of some menus and gradients and rly boring stuff but she was like OMG I WANT TO SEE IT !! so we looked at it and there was a sound file and i played it into her headphones and she started to cry,??? and im like ok ok nope were not gonna do this and i wanted to make her watch a movie so i could chill but she said she wanted to watch sth called "train to salt valley"??????? and im like i have no idea what this movie is but sure,,, and i put it on and then had some realization that ive already seen this movie ,? (???) and im like NOPE YOURE NOT WATCHING THIS AT 7 YEARS OLD and i ran downstairs and took some little marble figurine thing?? like it looked like an oscar but it was from like pearl colored marble??? and downstairs i met AK and AB and im liek "do you have them" and theyre like "yes put it in the drawer" and i put it in there but the mom just walked in and saw me close the drawer so shes like WHAT R U DOING and im like hehe it was open :) so i closed it :) and shes like aight but she looks like shes onto us so i open the window and theres a ladder under it so i climb on the ladder out of the window and run home and its the exact same place as when i go home from school on the right side like ,, i pass by bjornsenuv sad n stuff ? and im barefoot and have the one black dress that i own but without a belt ??? and then right at the corner of mzk i meet AK and AB again and im like ,,,u probably dont have them right ? and theyre like HEHEHE and show me like 3 of those marble oscars and one is the pearl one and the other is turquoise and i think the third is like a dark blue? and then i go home and thats it ??????????????????? im so confused