we were doing maturita in my house and i went into The Room and there was a teacher sitting on like one of those tennis referee chair things??? like he was super high up (and i remember wanting to rant to my friend LP over text abt how it immediately asserts a clear power dynamic and makes the student feel unwelcome discouraged and intimidated) and then there was another teacher who was just normally sitting in a chair and one of them was 100% our literature teacher but i dont remember which one ?? and the normal one said "vedi veritas" WHICH ISNT EVEN THE ACTUAL THING?? and then he looked at me and i was so confused like wtf am i supposed to do?? so i was like "..v..vedi .,.,.veritas ???" and the tennis referee chair teacher was like UMMMM WTF???? @ me so i ran away cause it was so scary and i ran into the basement and everyone from the entire school was there ?? and i talked to some of yall and classmate LD had a purple suit and a huge glass bucket (????) of caviar??????? and hes like omg eat! and im like what the fuck is this no thanks . . . . . . . and then i went on twitter and literally like 50 dodie stan accounts followed me but then i looked and i only had 20 followers??????? i was like . wtf