i was on charles bridge and there was a trump rally coming but not here yet so i was like fuck i have to get out cause i dont want to look like im at a trump rally ,, and mxmtoon was also at the bridge so i asked her if she knew any hiding spots??? and shes like "no wtf im an expert on my 23 inch penkava" and then a super long (?) bird with a super long tail runs to her and she walks off and im jus like. Alright , so i go to some field and theres tim buckley in a cafe and we know eachother probably bc he goes "OK WHAT IF WE WENT CAR RACING (??)" and hes so enthusiastic abt it im like ok? if u want to ig ??? and so we go to some another field but now theres WATER in there and im like. Timothy can cars go to water. and hes like yea why not its not deep water its fun come on!!!! and he gestures to someone and a car appears??? and im like ok but wheres my car tho and hes like huh ??? were racing together in one car girl ur so dumb,,,, and the car was so tiny cause it was like a formula 1 so i had to sit on him and it was so uncomfortable i wanted to die and we were driving through the water and we got super wet and it was cold and I HAD NO IDEA A DREAM COULD FEEL THIS PHYSICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE like i hated every second of it so i woke up sorry tim buckley