our class went to a film shooting just to Look and i was like "lmao i wonder if film students get this regularly" and our teacher (O) said "idk but i was a history student and i was at the shooting of every spiderman movie" ?????, and everyone was like WHAT ?:?::?:?::?:?:?:?:?: and then we got on the set and it looked like a desert climbing centre??? and timothee was there jus chilling and daniel radcliffe was there and he was hanging from some rope and building a mountain?? like a sandcastle but it was a mountain??? and we were like HOLY SHIT ITS. FAMOUS PEOPLE!! and they were like hiiiiii nice to meet u!!!!! and we were like AKSJDFIEKENF ??? FJIDOLSKDFHGU ????? so friend AK and i went to some back room that had a glass floor and under it was the sea and there was a sign that literally said "dont tread on me" and there was a picture of the floor in like a diamond shape and it was the funniest sign ive ever seen this is what it looked like, .., .,., but we got scared to walk on the floor so we just watched from the door and i saw wes anderson but he was turned away from us so i only saw his back and he was wearing like . beigey yellow checkered pants and he looked so funny so i knew it was him and im like OMG LOOK ITS. HI . M .!!!! and AK is like omg come talk to him!!! and i turned away and started walking back to the other room and said "im not going there i think wes anderson is scary" (?????) and so we left ,,,i hate myself