we were on a school trip to the beach and we were there with 4 professors and one was jean cocteau (but he acted very useful and functional which is ooc but), second was jiri labus, third was keats and idk who the 4th one was but suddenly we lost keats and everyone was like WHERE IS HE and then we found him and cocteau gave him coffee (?) and asked him where he went and he said sth about a boat and then i went "i told you we were at the sea but not to swim in the sea!!!" and i have no idea why i said that but i did and keats was like :( and then we went into a bus so i put on a facemask and everyone was like ?????????????????????????? and im like ?yea? facemask?? what u looking at?? and it was so weird everyone was like what the actual fuck is she doing,??? it was such a weird wrong feeling like i hated it so much and then out of nowhere cocteau said its july 2019??? and im like . what the fuck