me and my friends LP, SK and IK were at a falling in reverse/sleeping with sirens show and they were on stage at the same time and it was kinda weird but the ppl in the crowd kept saying "onision is somewhere here we have to find him!!!" and they kept looking around and then kellin quinn went into the crowd and everyone was like !!!! and SK was Very uninterested so she was like ugh im gonna go make (?) coffee!! and IK went with her and right in that moment the set ended and onision was supposed to perform??? and like half the people left so we went too and at the merch stand we met another friend ZJ who was buying a cd of some random band but apparently it was the opening band?? no idea but they also had a 100 gecs cd????????????????????????????????????????? and then i had a second dream that we were in one of those safari cars but it was the whole class and we had lab coats on? and we were constantly voting on something but i dont remember what it was and then classmate M(?) was like WE HAVE TO GET OUT!!! so everyone packed their stuff and went to the door but like. we were Going at a Big Speed and then we hit a huge ramp and literally flew for like 5 minutes it was rly weird and then one by one it threw us out of the window ??? like the car was going and then someone was catapulted out ? but everyone was ok and then it ended but matty healy was in the dream somewhere but i have no idea where