our history teacher, olly from philosophytube and some egirl that i think ive seen somewhere but have no idea who she is , and me , were on ceska waiting at the tram stop and we were jus talking and the teacher says hes going to breclav?? and im like yea im going home thats [my bus stop] and the egirl says shes also going home and her stop is called "room 60M"????? but we all went on the same 12 tram (i have no idea how he is gonna get to breclav on a 12 but ok) and theres [the stop before mine] and then theres room 60m and im like WHAT THE FUCK WHAT ABOUT [MY BUS STOP]??????? I NEED TO GET OFF THERE and olly is like yea they jus deleted the bus stop cause too few people were coming :/ sorry thats capitalism yea i hate it :/ and im liek . WHAT THE FUCK????? WHAT THE FUCK . so i kinda panic but we pass [my stop] with no stopping and then go like 10 minutes?? and im like . how tf am i supposed to get home . and the egirl is like noooo dont worry on room 60m we have this thing that u can press and itll call u a taxi its alrighttt and im like ??? i am scared ??? and then we get off at room 60m and its not even our town like its a completely different town and i have no idea where i am and its so scary cause i need to get home (and ig i dont have maps ??? idk) and im like . ok i need to piss . and the egirl points me to this really fancy marble toilets jus in the street?? and theres 4 of them and one says CHOKE, the other VIBE, then theres CHOKE+VIBE and then just a normal wc symbol . and im kinda losing my shit cause wtf but teacher says that i should stop disrespecting their culture?????? so im like . ok but which one do i choose? and olly says i should jus go for choke+vibe cause it sounds like fun so i do and its unlocked but theres some girl with extremely yellow skin like neon yellow?? in there and im like OOP SORY SORY and shes like nono come here hehe did u not read the sign? choke+vibe hehe AND IM LIKE NOPE!!!! so i go to CHOKE and theres nobody but theres literally no stalls its just sinks??? and i yell outside like IT JUS SINKS! and olly comes and he wants to try the sinks (??) so he turns on the water and an alarm goes off???? and it was SO SCARY like . qhat the fuck!! so we run outside and were like ok we have to go away!! but the teacher (OF ALL PEOPLE) is like NO!!! GO INVESTIGATE THE REMAINING 2!!! and im like . are u fucking serious . ill go investigate when u go with me!! and he goes (this is the most ooc thing ive ever seen) to the VIBE one and theres vaporwave playing and theres plants and the whole thing is pastel blue and pink and it rly is a vibe and were like omg this is cool!!! but then he says he has to go and we go outside and the egirl is gone and its jus olly standing there and i ask where did she go and he says that she went to her castle (??) and i want to find her for some reason so i do ctrl f (?? on real life???) and i write 60M and theres so many 4chan results and im like ugh it doesnt work and then i wake up is this the future of public transportation