i was at like? those indian villages in a zoo? but it was a whole legit village ? but there were also tourists ? and at first i was on a bridge with ron and hermione ?? and hermione said "wow ron the way your hair is grown out looks SO GOOD!" and i didnt see his hair for some reason so im just like xD yea ikr xD and he goes "well thanks but we have to get to work!" and apparently we're just?? doing ?? harry potter adventure type shit?? minus the magic so we're just walking around town and arguing basically ,, . ,so we go off the bridge and young morrissey is there and im like HI OMG! NOW WE'RE COMPLETE! and ron and hermione r like YAY!!! LETS GET GOIN!!!! so apparently the group is me ron hermione and morrissey?????? and we go somewhere and morrissey is kinda in the back so i join him and he starts talking abt some music ??? idk what exactly but im like YEA!!! I KNOW RIGHT OMG!!!!! THATS SO COOL!!!! and he puts his hand like? on my waist ? as we walk? and im like YES MUSIC!!! and it seems like we're so close n stuff and it felt kinda good and hermione looks back at us like UGH so we hurry up and then we're in like a typical zoo bufet ?? and theres tourists and ron is like OK WE HAVE TO PRETEND WE'RE TOURISTS and morrissey goes to the KITCHEN??????? and we're like DUDE WTF NO but we dont want to go to the kitchen cause it would blow our cover so we're just hanging out waiting for him and hermione orders a hotdog with butter ????? and then someone from the kitchen yells SOMEONE COME GET THIS WHITE DUDE!!!!!! and idk why but it was so funny to us and we started laughing and everyone else was like Wtf so ron said i should go there so i did and the kitchen was so weird like it was made of wood and the cooks were like ?? every race and culture ever except for white people ?? like it was. a reactionarys nightmare tbh so i just go there like :)hehe sorry im jus. gona take sth:) and morrissey is literally just standing there leaning against the counter so i literally just grabbed his arm and dragged him away and it was. a weird feeling but ,.- .,. ., . then we were all sitting in the bufet talking to some old guy that was our leader ?? idk but i saw some girl crying and for some reason i jst went up to her? and she was like 5 so idk but i did and asked what was wrong and she said she wanted to go to the kitchen?? and she was white so i said that they probably dont want her there (i could never have children aosdjfh) and she started crying even more so im like. someone please help. and morrissey went there and he just ? took her and carried her to the kitchen and then closed the door behind her ?? and im like DUDE THEYRE GONNA HATE HER SO MUCH WTF DID U DO and ron and hermione started laughing and im like >:( but the old guy was super mad that we dont follow his orders? and then i had a SECOND DREAM

we were on a class trip with pe teacher somewhere and i was super excited idk why but we got there and there was a ski place thing ? and im like ?? wtf why r we here its literally april ?? and everyone was like :I at me and the teacher said to go somewhere on the snow and then wait for her there so we went and classmate SK was like "wheres your skis" and im like. my WHAT ????? and i look and EVERYONE HAD SKIS like. this was a literal nightmare like. i just had normal shoes . and im like . ,. ,. ,., uhhh @ teacher i think i forgot my skis and shes like UGH ur so dumb omfg so take mine and slide down this slide thing and go buy some skis heres money, ., , . , and then come back . .,. ,. , and she gave me literally like 100000????? so im like. yea no ,, no skis, , , , and i go down and go to a bus and just go home and i feel kinda bad doing it but also im super rich !!! but like i rly feel bad so i call our class teacher (?) and ask him if he has any financial advice??? and hes like. did you take her 100k. and im like WHAT THE FUCK HOW DO YOU KNOW OMFG DONT TELL ANYBODY PLEASE I BEG U like im literally panicking and hes like. she just called me and cried cause they were her last money ?and im like WHAT ????? I AM SO CONFUSED WHY DID SHE GIVE THEM TO ME THEN ??:?:?:?:???:?:? LIKE THERES NO 100K SKIS :?:?:???? and then i wake up cause it was intense af and i didnt want to deal with it