we went to the cinema as a class (I KEEP HAVING DREAMS ABT SCHOOL LATELY HELP) and they were searching us at the door for some reason? and classmate ER beeped and everyone was like oh?? and shes like. Alright. I Have To Come Clean. I Am Hiding My Son In My Jacket. and everyones like ,,,aight , ,, , so they search the son and find out hes got some ??? deformed ??? feet ???? and he cant walk ?????? and ER was like :/ yea i wish i didnt have him tbh :/ and classmate SK like NOOOOOO!!!!!!! OH MY GOD WHAT WOULD I DO FOR A BABY!!!!! and someone said Girl ur lit raly 16 be glad u dont have one, , ,and SK started crying ? that a child is her #1 wish??? and we were all like Nooo Its Gona Be Okay and our teacher started yelling (!!) at us that THE MOVIE IS STARTING and classmate AH wanted to sit w me in the first row but i wanted to sit w other ppl somewhere in the back and im like . sory gotta piss . and i went to sit w them and classmate LP was like didnt u say u had to piss ! and im like. u got no rights to say that SK cant read the room . and LP is like .ok. and then it started and idk what the movie was cause now we're in ju5 i think and our bio teacher is there ? and shes waving a dvd around ? and shes like do yall know any animal named famous people!!!! and im like . should i . should i s. should i say it. . . ,. . and shes like YES SAY IT!!!! and im like . k . k . . kafka .,. ,.,.,. ,. , and everyones liek :I and shes like :I and im like ,,it counts right,, and then ER's baby starts crying and the teacher yells at me that thats my fault ????????? like . i am sorry but dont bring ur offspring to class