johnny cash was on trial for murder and im like ??? what he do ??? and theres a judge just sitting thre and he says "well he shouldntve written 'i shot a man in reno just to watch him die'" and im like SIR OH MY GOD THATS JUST A SONG??? HE DIDNT ACTUALLY SHOOT A MAN IN RENO???? and the judge is like "yea ok but how do we know that!" and im like. oh my god sir!!! and then we're all three suddenly in a classroom where theres our class normally learning and we're in the back and the judge says that if johnny can do the exams in this class then he doesnt have to go to prison??? and so he sits down and it looks so funny cause like. everyone is tiny and then theres Johnny Cash in his all black tux just trying to not get arrested and i think it was a czech class? but idk and im like. right what do *i* do tho! and my classmate FL (i think?) sees me and yells at me to NOT DISTURB THE CLASS and im like. sory for being confused i gues. and i go sit down next to johnny (that mustve looked so funny, , ,,im still not over just how extremely un-tiny johnny cash is) and hes like What The Actual Fuck Is This????? and im like. yea me for the past 5 years, ,, ,, and then the bell rings and everyone just disappears except for classmate VM???? and shes like souhhh whats that Man doing here ???? and i explain the story to her and shes like alright fair enough i can help yall but first i have to call someone and SHE CALLS OUR CLASS TEACHER AND TELLS HIM THAT THERES A MURDERER IN OUR CLASS TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM PRISON AND IM LIKE OH MY FUCKING GOD I HATE U!!! WHY DID U DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! and the teacher comes with a whole ass swat team and im like no!!! sir no!!! and johnny takes out a KNIFE and im like WHAT IS GOING ON and VP is like WHAT IS GOING ON and the swat team starts SHOOTING EVERYWHERE but it doesnt hit us and then johnnys like ok i have to escape even tho i didnt do anything or else ill die. so he fuckign. comes up to the window and CUTS A HOLE IN IT WITH THE KNIFE ?????????? AND FUCKIGN JUMPS OUT OF THE WINDOW AND IM LIKE. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I CANT LOOK DOWN CAUSE WHAT IF HES DEAD AND THE TEACHER LOOKS DOWN AND SAYS HE DISAPPEARED,? AND IM LIKE. GOD BLES! AND THEN IT ENDS BUT HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT