i was in our cottage with some super tall dude who looked vaguely kafka esque ? but it wasnt him i think,, and we were supposed to leave for school trip and the class bus would take us from our house (and all the ppl were already there?) so we were preparing and i needed to get sth from the basement and i went to the bathroom for some reason and i opened the cabinet and there was ??? a hole ??? into the ground ??? and im like "HEY @ kafka guy! come here! can u pls come n get me sth?" and he looks in there and is like OK I AM NOT GETTING IN THERE and i look and theres just ??? moss everywhere and gross shit and mud and water and spider webs and stuff and im like HUH YESTERDAY IT WAS NICE AND CLEAN!!! and then the bus arrives outside and im like WE DONT HAVE *THE THING* WE CANT GO!! WE ARE NOT GOING ON THIS TRIP!! and the guy is like OK BUT THEY'LL FIND US HERE THO?? and i just Shove him into the bathroom hole and jump there too and we fall into ??? a subway passage thing ??? and were just .aight. and we walk through it and theres a guy just walking singing hamilton and im like OH GOD IT IS YOTL 2020 and then he pauses and i sing back at him WHO'S NEXT! (???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????) and hes like YESSS WHOS NEXT!!!!! U KNOW LYRICS TO HAMILTON!!!!!!! and im like YESSSSSSSSS (???? i stg those arent even ?? lyrics to hamilton ???) and then it ends and i am confuson