we were on a school trip in a normal public city bus? and we made a break somewhere so we all got out and just stood on the bus stop and like 6 people had vinyl records that they bought?? for some reason?? and my friend IK had hard rain by bob dylan so i was like HAHA GOOD CHOICE!!! and she said sth like "yea its the second release in the hard rain series and each of them has a different cover" and i just nodded cause i didnt want to look like a fake fan but thats just ?? not true ?? so then IK, another friend LP and me were at a gas station and we were hanging out in the toilet area but like in the hallway? like it wasnt divided into men and women yet ? and we were with this dude that wasnt in our class but we were just ? talkinf to him ? and LP says to me "complete this!!! ____ and isolda!!" and stupid me said "uhhh sultan and isolda??" and LP just Yelled DUMB BITCH SEIFBJABWHAHAHA ITS TRISTAN AND ISOLDA and im like :| :( and i go to the guy (he wasnt listening to us i guess) and i ask him to complete ___ and isolda and he says some super long title it was like a sentence but he doesnt actually say tristan and isolda?? and LP is like SEE? HE KNOWS HIS STUFF HES SMART UNLIKE U and im like OK BUT HE DIDNT SAY TRISTAN AND ISOLDA SO IT DOESNT COUNT and then i look at the news on my phone and it says that theres 0 healthy people in austria and theres a picture of a completely red river???? and then i wake up