i was just. At Home and i was living with warren ??? but she didnt look like her but it was warren ? and im just chilling and she comes to my room and shes like "tomorrow is the speeches. u have to endorse biden or else ur not getting a job anywhere for the rest of ur life." and im like "??? liz but u know im a bernie supporter and u should be too" and she gets super mad and goes "i'll be watching you and dont you dare" ?????????? so its the speeches and its me, warren, biden and bernie chilling at this debate place and we were literally just sitting on the floor it looked like we were just a bunch of friends and then they called my name and i went there and i just. looked at bernie the entire time and said "i am endorsing joe biden for president" with the most monotone voice ever and everyone in there clapped and i was like :( and then i went back and bernie was like :( and i whispered into his ear "dont worry i will vote for you" and looked at warren so he was like Oh I Get That But Still It Feels So Sad and we just kinda sat there me and bernie and warren and biden separately and then i got home and warren got two whole ass SOLDIERS???? and said i cant go out of my room ??? so i just got out of the door grabbed bernie and went outside and into some government building??? it kinda looked like my school ?? and bernie was like NO YOURE BANNED FROM THERE U CANT GO THERE and im like. Okay but i need to tell them that warren threatened me, , ,,, and bernies like that makes sense so we went there together and we just ??? did the most action movie shit ever like ????? we jumped on roofs and did somersaults and shit like that?? which would Not Work cause bernie is 78 and im zkracena