so we were at a festival and we had balcony seats (???) and there were three stages right next to each other (it looked like one stage kinda) and on one of them was brandon flowers, then ryan seaman and on the last one was dallon and they were all trying to get the most people under their stage ? and i hated that bc i had balcony seats and couldnt participate so i left and went to a backroom and i met my classmate SK there and she was like "do u wanna see sth" and i was like yea so we went and there was a wall? with a hole in it?? and u could look through the wall and there was pitch black but u could see theres sth in it (it kinda looked like minecraft nether) and im like ...yeah? and SK says we have to solve a riddle to see whats inside and she solved it but she doesnt see anything and it told her its for experienced eyes only so she was like "yup sth for [ellis]" and im like ??? why me ??? but sure ??? and i look and theres a fucking minecraft creeper with a sign that says "i am nick drake" and im like ???? scuse me is this a prank ???? and shes like NO I CANT EVEN SEE WHATS IN THERE and im like okay lets rescue him and turn him into a human but then some fuckign security guard runs to us and yells that we're in danger and SHOOTS the creeper with a bow and he fuckign EXPLODES and im like OH MY GOD NO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE and i wake up feeling like this night is gonna be shit but little did i know..,.,.,,.,.

so we went somewhere as a class (idk if our teacher was there too) and it was some photoshooting studio? it looked like an ikea mixed with a playground ??? BUT!!! FUCKING DURAN DURAN *AND* JAPAN WERE SHOOTING THERE AT THE SAME TIME ????????? and i didnt go like "OH MY GOD I STAN THEM SO MUCH" i just went "lmaooooooo duran and japan!" ?? which is very ooc but anyways a few girls started taking pics on their own and im like haha u have no idea what ur missin but then everyone is rly confused what are they doing here and im like "omg those r bands i know them" and then i start talking to simon le bon and mick karn like weve known each other since kindergarten and i say to simon "haha u should tell nick to take a pic with sylvo" and he finds it hilarious af for some reason and laughs out loud and my friend LP says to me "wait are those your friends" and i go "yea we rly close" ????? FOR SOME REASON ????? and LP is like omg they look so cool and im like Yea and then they all take a picture (like, duran And japan) and they do some pose where sylvo is squatting and we're also squatting (but out of frame) so we're rly close and at eye level w sylvo and LP says "he looks like from yuri and ice" and hes like huh and i??? i have NO IDEA why i did this but it gave me the most dopamine ive had in a long time,, so she says that and i fuckign pat his hair? real gently ? and then i stroke his cheek and just look in his eyes and he does That smile and im SORRY but it was SO FUCKING CUTE i love him SO FUCKING MUCH and LP is like omg and im like yea normal day for me and sylvos like omg and then i think it ends but jeeeesus