i met bob dylans parents and they lived in a synagogue ?? and i was super anxious that im gonna do sth wrong and bob said "dont worry its a normal family but just dont go pee at least 2 hours before the mass" and im like Excuse Me but okay ? and then theres a mass and they literally lock the toilets so nobody can go and im like wtf so i go after the mass and theres like 20 cleaning ladies all crammed up in ONE STALL??? and they literally look dead and i SCREAM and bobs dad runs to me and does the most violent SHUSH ive ever seen and im like WHAT the actual fuck is this and he says "how dare you disrespect" and i laugh bc that sounds like a lyric (and also bc im super scared) and he fuckign throws me out and i call bob and tell him what happened and hes like "yea my parents are kinda strict" and i hang up on him bc like wtf and i sit on a bench and just look at the synagogue and think about everything and also why tf do they not live in a house