i rly wanted to know where bill wurtz lives so i looked him up on yellowpages and there were also jobs listed? and nobody of these seemed like the actual bill wurtz except for one who was just called "aisel" ?? like his name wasnt even bill wurtz it was just aisel and he had like 20 jobs and they were like "musician, construction worker, garbage man, cashier, technician, electrician" etc so for some reason i was like YES THIS IS HIM and i also found out he was born in 1994 and i just went with that fact even tho its impossible and THEN i found out he lived in my neighbourhood so i was like IM GONNA GO OUTSIDE A LOT and then i was standing in some queue and saw bill get out of his car and we made eye contact and i just skipped the whole queue and went to some dark alley???? was i scared of him or