we were in an art gallery/theater (not sure) as a class and one boy said we should all go to the toilet now and our teacher said ok but quick and then bill wurtz ran to us and was like "NO GUYS DO. NOT. GO THERE !!!!!" and everyone was like wtf but i said that me and bill are "old friends" and that he works here and we should listen to him??? so we were just chilling in the foyer with bill and suddenly teacher says "i think youre right. everyone evacuate NOW!!!!" and we start to PANIC and bill is like "ok its not that bad just,,, evacuate and never come back to this city but like,, its chill" and everyone PANICS EVEN MORE and we're like "ok mr ?? random old friend of our classmate ?? where tf are we supposed to go then" and he says hes got something for us and then we're in an apartment and its HUGE so we're gonna ALL live there and we were all like "ok" ?????? it looks really fancy tho but like ????? so we live there and im sitting on the balcony and u can see into like 5 other apartments from the balcony and some dude is fucking his dog ???? and im like JESU CHRIST and i call bill and hes immediately there and hes just like ",,, yeah that happens, just get used to it, every neighbor does it" and then suddenly two other neighbours come out on their balconies and start just. absolutely RAWING their dogs in the ass , , and im like Dude What The Fuck but he just shrugs and sits next to me and we. watch and then ?? im at school and we're in a language classroom and tomas klus is our teacher?? and its 8:48 so i quietly go "lol werent we supposed to end 3 minutes ago" and everyone is like Yeah and tomas klus is still talking with the textbook in hand and we're all like Ugh and then its 8:50 and he asks me something and i go "we were supposed to end 5 minutes ago do you know that" and he replies "no we weren't we have a 55 minute lesson" and im like NO????? WE DON'T???? and then he says im not allowed to come into his lessons again and im like Ok Good For Me and i go complain to my teacher (the one from before) but on the way i see my spanish teacher with a box of stuff and like 6 kids around her so i go look and shes ???? giving out pride stuff ???? like some girl said "please lesbian markers" and spanish teacher gave her markers in the lesbian flag colours from the box??? and im kinda confusion so i ask the markers girl whats going on and she says "oh its pride today! get your stuff from the box!" and im like Omg Ok and i go up to the teacher and she just asks me "any teachers suck? i know youre gay" and im like WHAT but i say "yeah tomas klus sucks huge ass ugh i literally dont have any break bc of him" and shes just like Yeah We Know and then it ends