i was living in an attic with harry potter, ron, hermione and ginny??? and i was like "this sucks im the third wheel all the time :/" and ron said "maybe if you went to school with us you'd meet someone" and im like "???? am i a wizard tho" and theyre like "not really but that doesnt matter, we're progressive!" and im like Ooookay and suddenly some Dude is living with us and i literally have no idea who it is bc he looked like glenn gould the weird piano guy but he had buddy hollys personality (which is Very different from glenns) ???? and like, that would mean he's frank sinatra but this guy was tall af ???? so imma just refer to him as The Guy or something but like ?? IM GETTING MY MUSIC FAVS MIXED UP (edit: i had a moment of clarity and i think it mightve been wilbur from soothouse...he DOES fit all the characteristics)

anyways he starts living with us and me and him go buy groceries and my whole class is in the supermarket plus some people from my elementary school (it literally looked like when we're on a school trip and finally get to some village with a supermarket) and everyones buying stuff like vegetables and milk and like, cooking stuff like that (US INCLUDED, i remember we had leek and like 5 other green things)

so we wait in the line and i see classmate ER and go "heyuhhh thats my classmate imma go talk to her pls wait here and like, pay ..thanks" and i go talk to ER and shes super friendly so im like O Kay and we talk about monopoly (???) and then SHE FUCKING PUNCHES ME IN THE THROAT WITH TWO FINGERS AND SAYS "monopoly!!!" and im like "DUDE WHAT THE FUCK YOU CANT DO THIS WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU NORMAL OR" and shes just like Yikes so i go talk to classmate LP and LP is like "lmao is that your boyfriend" and i dont remember what i said but i start staring at him and LP also turns and stares and ? hes just ? weighing the leek and singing to it ? and everyones like YEAH DUDE GO!!! and im like Jesus Christ and then it ends ????

and i remember having another dream but i dont remember the details other than that i was chilling alone in a mall and two classmates come to me and are like HEYYYY LONG TIME NO SEE and im like Excuse Me but we talk for a bit and then we hug and one of them reaches into my pocket and takes something and i dont think much of it but when theyre leaving i realize she probably took a note with some tea about them (???) so im like OH MY GOD THEY WILL WANT TO CONFRONT ME RIGHT NOW and i RUN all the way to the opposite end of the mall and thats it but like damn