i was walking with my parents in my town at night and some dude (he looked like the business version of tommy from tommy and tuppence ??? he was scary tho) walked up to us and in the most monotone voice said "are you the owner of iama dot com?" to my dad and he said yes and the guy immediately started following us? like he went behind us and started walking??? so im like hey wtf and he says "im also the owner of a weird website. i have a passion for weird websites" in the same voice and then i woke up bc it was so creepy???? and i couldnt fall asleep for like an hour after that

anyways when i did, i was in the place where we had our class trip in 2017 with my parents and some random girl looked at her pc and said "sorry, theres a huge storm coming, please seek shelter" and everyone FREAKED OUT and i said that i have wet hair (?????) and my dad started acting like i was dying?? so he panicked and said that the safest place is the bus hotel (?) so we went there and it was ,, literally a bus ? with people in there ? and there werent two seats next to each other so my dad found one and told me to just find another for myself? thanks father Anyways i found one in the very back and there were like, two and two seats facing each other u know? like there were four ? but there were already four ppl so i was like :/ but then i realized one seat is free? so i went up to them and didnt make eye contact and just said with my head down "isthisfree" and a guy said Yeah Sure so i sat down (help????) and then i fuckign look up and its KURT COBAIN AND BRIAN AND ROGER ????? AND SOME OTHER DUDE ????? WHat ??? so im like Oh My God and then it ends BUT THEN!

its the first day of college but its just our normal class and then they say over the radio (?) that we should go to our jobs?? and everyone leaves and i go to some like really Modern™ glass building and i just sit on the floor and play spotify from my pc and it plays in the whole building so im like Damn and start playing bops and then it ends and that sucks but