sooo i was at the bus stop (from which i always go to school) just chilling i guess and suddenly my teacher, classmate LP and another classmate step out of a bus and say to me "heyyy do you know where they give out the bob dylan?" and im like "YEAH I DO (????) but u got to wait for like 10 minutes lmao but its right here" and the classmate was like "wtf why are we here ??" and the teacher becomes SO MAD AT HER and says "BECAUSE THEY GIVE OUT FREE BOB DYLAN SIGNATURES" and the friend is like OMG and i take a few black lego pieces out of my pocket and say "yeah i already got 6 and im waiting for the 7th bc this is going to be worthy so much money in a few years" and then a line forms ? so we go at the very front of the line (smh) but nobody protests so we're good i guess and then some guy comes there with an ice cream stand and asks whos there for the dylan signature and everyones like YEEHAW so he gives me a cd (no idea what it was but it had bob on there) with bobs signature and LP behind me says "wait so this is real?" and im like YES and LP is like OH MY GOD and then we go to a park nearby and just sit there and i see an old woman that i know? and ask her "so whats the story" (???) and she tells me that someone was killed in my house (a building with flats) last year ??? and im like "ok cool thanks" and then it ends ???????