DALLON HAD ZIGGY STARDUST HAIR AND WHEN I ASKED HIM ABOUT IT HE GOT MAD AND SAID "THATS MY ORIGINAL IDEA" AND KICKED ME OUT OF HIS Q&A SESSION and then i woke up and went to the toilet and when i fell asleep i was watching lets argue and fantano was talking about goth revival (??) and how it sucks and he showed a poster that said "totiž být goth 30° model" and it was a tutorial on how to be goth but there were 3 scene girls and it said "emoness" as one of the points? BUT THEN I REALIZED THE PHOTO WAS SHOT AT MY TOWN'S TRAIN STATION and apparently it was like, an iconic photo??? so i went to the train station at night and there were two like 13 yr old guys arguing and one of them bumped into me and said "oh sorry im a rapper i have a wikipedia page but he still doesnt want to pay me" and im like,,,,sure