my class went on a trip to a sewage treatment plant and there was a river of really gross brown water and then suddenly a part of it was rly beautiful and clear and everyone was like WTFF and one classmate said that its because that water is from asia?? and then we went inside and it was a castle??? or like a historical building and our teacher (he's a history teacher) was like "yeah guys i forgot to tell you! i booked a special history show" and we were like ??? but we continued and the next room was a church??? and there were people sitting in historical costumes so we thought it was the show and then one of them stood up on a table and said "i am the long-haired king but i want to be the pope. for that however i have to kill the most dangerous man that has ever stood in my path- dallon weekes." and i looked at my friend like WHAT HTE FUJKCJHFJ and then he pulled out a scroll and started reading sth like "dallon weekes. too tall for me, he's probably very good as basketball" and shit like that??? and i was like OH MY FUCKIGN GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK and then the king (?) said that he's now going to BATTLE dallon????? and THEN DALLON FUCKIGN WEEKES SHOWED UP like, above us on another floor but we could still see him? idk but i remember just looking at his legs and being like yeah thats not him and then i could see him better and i was like OH MY GOD IT'S HIM but i still thought it was fake i guess? so i asked my friend what she thinks and she just looked at me and said "not really" and i was confused so i looked at dallons ig stories and it said that 15 minutes ago he was in some random czech forest and he just made videos of the forest?? (thats very ooc) and then it ended???