so i was at the airport and buddy holly was also there and he had a car so i guess he was there to drive me home But three random girls went up to us and asked him if he was a free cab and he panicked, looked at me and said "sure" so we drove these fucking three girls for like an hour AND: two of them were sitting in the front, i was in the left back seat, buddy was in the middle (but he was still,driving ?) and the third girl was in the right back seat?? For some reason?? and the front ones asked if they could play music and he agreed so they connected a phone (one of the girls name was Agi according to the phones name) and started watching a movie??? and it was like some really bad romcom and buddy just looked at me TERRIFIED and i looked at the girls like "pls tone it down a bit" and they looked at each other like "oops we fucked up" and started watching pride and prejudice ????? and then it kinda calmed down but i just remember trying to put my head on buddys shoulder (you know,, airport,,, im,,tired) but he was too tall and it was uncomfy so i stopped lmao Anyways we arrive and the girls thank us (idk if they gave him any money) and leave and we go to like a rly cowboy looking restaurant and buddy tweets something about annoying ass girls mistaking him for a cab and it goes VIRAL????? AND THEN--- ONE OF THE FUCKING GIRLS (I THINK IT WAS THE BACK GIRL) replies sth like "OH MY GOD THATS YOU??? i was sitting there the whole time drawing this because the whole situation was so funny KSJSJSKDNS" and she linked like an animated video (you know, the ones where its a frame of something and then another frame is something slightly different, not like actual moving animation- like those hamilton animated fan video things) AND IT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER I SWEAR TO GOD-- IT HAD LIKE 30 SECONDS AND IDK IF I CAN RETELL IT CORRECTLY BUT: - girls walk up to us, buddy looks terrified and is side-eyeing me, i shrug - we're in the car, buddy still looks terrified as fuck, one girl drinks a whole wine bottle and then asks if she can play a movie - pride and prejudice is playing, buddy looks terrified and very uncomfortable (sidenote? she drew him really cute), i sigh and tell him its going to be okay in a fake voice (i also look terrified) - the not-agi front girl starts flirting with him, they giggle super hard and i yell "GET AWAY FROM MY MANS" in a semi-joking voice, they laugh and he buries his head in his hands - theres silence and buddy finally looks okay and then the drunk girl starts singing tiktok by kesha really loud and there it ends AND I SWEAR TO GOD, IT CAPTURED THE WHOLE RIDE PERFECTLY IT WAS SO FUNNY TO WATCH EVEN THO IT DIDNT ACTUALLY HAPPEN?? LIKE, , , THAT WAS SO FUCKIGN FUNNY I WANT THIS DREAM AGAIN (also like, i didnt even imply during the ride that we were dating?? and the fact that they assumed it ?? NICE i want THESE DREAMS)

i was with classmate LP, it was the second to last day of school (thursday) and we decided to actually go there today bc we havent been there for like a week and a half,, i wear the weirdest shit ever?? like its a white dress that shows my belly button but its like, rly cute and i like it but i wouldnt ever wear it?? and i have no idea what shes wearing but i think its something normal for her? like, not out of the ordinary SO we go to the tram and theres my friends sister TýP for some reason so we're going with her and yall talk a lot about "lydie" and im like "yeah i know a lydie is that the same one?" and LP laughs and says "haha no they both basically look the same but no, this one is /other lydie's last name/ and u know a /the lydie's i know last name/" and im like . Okay and those were the kinds of things we were talking about the whole time?? well then we finally arrive and its a PLACE THAT IVE BEEN SEEING IN DREAMS OFTEN,,, BUT ITS ANOTHER PLACE THAN THE SHOPPING CENTRE OH MY GOD I THINK MY BRAIN IS BUILDING A CITY well its like this really nice neighbourhood of old buildings and plants everywhere and stuff like that and theres like a 3m wall and my friend and her sister throw my wallet on the wall??? and im like OH MY GODDDD so i try to get it back but it falls on the other side and we're like OH MY GODDDD but then it appears on our side??? so we go to school and it kinda looks like my path to my elementary school ? its not my high school its another school but it looks like the route i'd take to the elementary school. when we get there, the sister is no longer with us but me and LP go inside and the foyer looks like a post office with people just waiting there in line and stuff like that and our classmate is there in line talking with my neighbour RS that also went to my elementary school? (they dont know each other irl) and my friend looks at the clock and says OH MY GOD ITS 7:59 and then we see our teacher at the end of the hallway IN A BATHROBE smile and shrug and go slowly to the staircase so we sprint there and we have to stop bc we're tired and its like 5 floors so we stop and the teacher comes there, looks at my dress and says to me "huh, today youre doing opposite day? thats a really good protest against climate change" and im like ??? wtf ??? and there it ends ?? Help