i was with the whole class and some other kids (i think some of them were polish and german?) at a beatles show and we were like, sitting backstage?? but i was literally right behind paul and i was playing with my pencil case (i guess i was bored ???) and fucking PAUL MCCARTNEY says "i need a colored pencil from one of you" and turns around and theres me with like 30 colored pencils in my hand just Staring at him so he goes "okay but what color" and (we talk in english) im like "haha .. idk.. its up to u" and hes like "okay , ,lets take orange shall we" and winks at me and takes like 4 orange pencils and two reds and im like NO JAMES THOSE ARE REDS and hes like Ha Ha Im Stupid and goes "so when do you want them back" and i say "nikdy , , Oh , NEVER" and he laughs, takes them and continues the show???? and im just like, ,Shooketh and everyone in the backstage is looking at me like :O and then it ends and i go outside and paul john and ringo are just, walking on the street (george wasnt at the show for some reason?) and i nod to them and paul waves at me and my mom goes to pick me up and i gesture towards them like !!!!!!!!!!!! and mom shrugs????? (which is VERY OOC) and i go "oh my god u wont believe what happened" and shes like "yeah that show wasnt that good i know" and im like ???WHAT and i go to like a glass tunnel? (like those bridges between rly modern buildings?) and nobodys there and i see a dog and i get super scared and then dan and phil show up in like, sporty outfits and with a camerawoman so im like HEY GUYS OMG IM A FAN CAN WE TAKE A PIC and phil says "NO" and im like Oh and dan says "phil! of course we can" and phil looks SO uncomfortable but we go to some classroom (?) and try to take a pic but my front camera wont work so we just stand there for like 2 minutes trying to figure it out and then they LEAVE without a word ??? and i feel super bad and then theres like a board game thats just spotify and it says "80s new wave hits team" and im like Yeah thats Me but it has taylor swift and pitbull in it? and im like wtf and then i go to the front of the classroom and my whole friend group is sitting there and filling some forms? so i go "haha what r u doing" at one of the friends and she just looks at me and ignores me? so im like Damn She Hates Me and then she starts talking to a girl we both don't like ??? and the girl says to one of my closest friends "i'm gonna sit with u okay" and she says "sure" and im like DAMN and i wake up