i was at a Sports Game with my dad and sylvo was the commentator but he also had a concert there??? idk anyways it was funny listening to sylvo talk about sport (i think it was american football but im not sure) and then they were throwing papers with results and their signatures on them (guess they didnt have a setlist) and i caught one and didnt recognize anyone except david which is, good bc i now have david sylvians signature woo Anyways the players were talking to fans by the stage so i went there to see if sylvo was there and some random guy that didnt look like him AT ALL goes "hi!! are you looking for david? the commentator?" and i for some reason go "OH MY GOD HI I LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND STUFF UR REALLY AN INSPIRATION" to this random fucking guy ???? and he starts talking to me like if he was him??? and he says "wanna take a pic? but youre so tiny ha ha" and then i get angry i guess and yell at him "LOOK I KNOW YOURE NOT DAVID SYLVIAN BUT WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN" and he goes all sad and says "is it because of the height? yeah fuck, i forgot he's also really fucking short ugh" and goes away ??????? and i wake up ?????? help

and then i had a second dream that i was in a public bathroom and i guess it was gender neutral and every stall had like a celebrity wallpaper (and it was rly weird) and i think there were either the beatles or game of thrones and i went to a stall with tyrion? i think is his name and the walls were Full of writings about game of thrones and like, general discussion abt tyrion ? and then when i went to wash my hands like 20 people came in and started washing their hands and talking to each other and it was the weirdest mix ever: there was young paul mccartney, pete seeger, some actors from policie modrava and anna slovackova i think her name is . anyways i think i knew paul bc we immediately started talking and then i noticed pete and went all HHHHHHH and paul was like wtf and i basically dragged him to talk to pete and i say "hi uh im your huge fan but paul has never heard of you haha funny" and i have no idea why i said that bc pete then goes all sad and says "wait, paul, paul mccartney has never listened to, my songs ?" and i think to myself OH GOD I FUCKED UP and its the worst feeling ever and then i wake up i guess bc i didnt want to deal with that conversation anymore