we went to iceland as a class for some reason and we had to stay in a hotel for one night before we went there?? idk but i was in a room with a girl that i didnt know and she was really sick so i was supposed to go to another room but i didnt know where bc the only free spot was with girls i dont like so i said fuck our teacher and stayed in my room and then we were playing a game that someone told you lyrics and you had to act out the lyrics and the other ppl had to guess the song?? it was rly weird n dumb but there was a rule that the ppl had to be uk only and someone gave my non-school friend (no idea why she was there) someone american and i was like !!!!!!! WRong and another girl said that i gave someone donovan and thats also wrong and i was like "oh yeah thats true" BUT LIKE ???? WHEN I WOKE UP I REALIZED HES SCOTTISH SO IT COUNTS AND IM SO MAD ABOUT THAT UGH oh and then i had a dream that me, my parents, bear grylls and kurt cobain were escaping from an ancient temple and we had to jump on GIANT frogs (like, elephant sized) to escape and one of them ate bear grylls