so i was at the main square in my town and there was a guy with a touchscreen on his chest and i apparently knew what he did? also i had "google prime" ??? so im like "hi i have google prime can i buy your stuff" and he said sure so i started adjusting some stuff on the touchscreen? and then i went home to a greenhouse where there were like 3 floors and each floor was just,, mattresses and ppl were sleeping/living there??? and apparently i was well known there bc they were like "yay ur home did u do something with the google prime?" and stuff like that and idk what i said but i went outside again (ooc) and went to the beach and it was night? idk just casual doomer stuff anyways when i was going back i saw all 5 of duran duran just walking towards me and i remember like a narration voice (my voice) saying "god. not le bon and his friends again" and if i wasnt confused and highkey scared id probably laugh my ass off bc ??? what tf can they do to me WELL they started cheering and running towards me like YAY UR HERE AGAIN and i apparently had a bad history with them so i yelled at them to fuck off and then started running home???? like,,, very ooc Well they followed me to the greenhouse home and asked if there are 5 free places and the homelady (?) was like "sorry guys only 2" and i- SWEAR TO GOD NICK FUCKING RHODES SAID "thats okay, we'll fit don't worry!" AND THEY LIKE? ALL SQUEEZED BETWEEN ME AND THE PERSON NEXT TO ME??? like ??? Excuse me ???? well they paid so she couldnt kick them out and everyone was like Ugh Poor You (@ me) and im like Ugh Poor Me and then its night again and i have someone's (i think it was nick rhodes') red fucking hair in my face so im like PLEASE MOVE and hes like Sorry Sorry and he moves like 10 cm anyways we try to sleep and this old obese guy from the floor above us is watching us? and like sending a camera on our floor??? right next to me?? and im like "god hes active again" so apparently that was an established Creep™ and everyone hated him and i told a story abt how im always scared of him when i sleep here and that its actually kinda comforting having the duran guys literally pressed onto me???? bc im not scared???? so i kinda hug nick tighter (hes not even the PRETTY ONE) and we Slep then its morning and i go buy groceries and when i return theres a whole ass PARTY going on??? AND DURAN ARE PERFORMING??? AND EVERYONE LOVES THEM??? and i just stand there like 0.0 and everyone turns to me and they say it was a surprise for me??? and like, they were playing duran songs so i just,, Smile bc i cant help it and they all start cheering and the party continues??? and i dance blah blah party woo and then i go to a back room and scooter braun is there?? and apparently he lives there too bc he says "god how do you always bring home such talented boys" and im like "NO DUDE THATS A MISUNDERSTANDING THEY BROUGHT THEMSELVES HOME I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS also explain pls" and then??? he just,,, "yeah these guys are GOLD i have to sign them like the take on me band, where did you find those haha" AND. I JUST??? WHAT EVEN IS GOING ON WAS MORTEN IN THIS GREENHOUSE??? anyways we go back to the party and they play girls on film and i. wake up. god i love girls on film