i had a really long dream where i was mostly shoppin in a shopping centre that DOESNT EXIST BUT HAS BEEN APPEARING IN MY DREAMS SINCE I WAS LIKE 10 AND ITS CREEPIN ME OUT SO MUCH and at the end i was shopping for makeup (??) and i went to a really giant dm store that had a playground inside and then the makeup store was like,, behind it? anyways i went there n the playground was packed but the store was closed so i waited and suddenly classmate ER got there too? so i said hi and she looked at me like "wtf r u doing" and then another classmate (i think it was either KR or AB) was there and she picked up like 20 TINY (like seriously they were like nails) foundation bottles in different shades and i was like "haha u wont need all of these" and she just started?? opening them ??? and squirting them on the floor and on everyone??? and then some boys from our class were also in the makeup store on their skateboards ?