in the first part there was a local weezer convention at my school and it was just like 20 kids dressed like rivers cuomo (the typical late 80s nerdy guy,, , glasses, slicked back hair, those beige pants with a belt and a blue/gray/red with patterns sweater tucked into it) just roaming through the halls???? and i only remember talking to some adult about how its cool that my neighbourhood has its own weezer community??? and then there was a wedding (AT THE SCHOOL) and donovan was there and he was super drunk and nobody knew what to do with him so i said that i know a trick that works on him and someone brought a bucket with ice water and i emptied it on him in the girls bathroom (by the sinks) and suddenly he turned into classmate ER??? so i was just like "dude stop shapeshifting" and she started yelling at me and then she ran off to the cafeteria and that was it ???