bill wurtz got cancelled??? and my messages to classmate LP about bill (that i ACTUALLY in the non-dream world sent the day before) got leaked and suddenly everyone at school cancelled ME bc i liked bill wurtz?? but i didnt know why he was cancelled i was super confused and then i wasnt cancelled anymore i guess bc everyone talked to me nornally and we were supposed to have a czech lesson but our music teacher (Bl) was there and we had sex ed ??? with our music teacher ??? and he was like "i need to scan your phones for gynecological research" and we were like UM but he scanned them and that meant that he basically went through them?? so he got mine and was like "its good but those tags in your notes?? like you really shouldnt be using "organized shitting"" and im like what the fuck i didnt write that and then we went for lunch and that was it ????